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11 Fasteners in stainless steel

Hexagon socket head cap screws

Hexalobular socket screws

Hex cap screws

Slotted machine screws

Cross recessed machine screws

Various types of screws

Socket set screws, threaded rods


Prevailing torque and lock nuts

Insert nuts / Riveting nuts Threaded inserts Ensat®

Different type of nuts

Anchors, plugs

Flat washers

Spring washers, Conical spring washers, Disc springs

Spring lock washers, Serrated lock washers

Retainning rings for shaft / for bores, Tab washers



Articulated joints

Self tapping screws

Self drilling screws ecosyn®-MRX

Self drilling screws

Thread forming screws DIN 7500

Screws for thermoplastics

Wood screws

Building screws

Special fasteners

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