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You have a variety of ways of finding an item using the E-Shop's search function:

1. Select the desired option from the drop-down list
2. Enter the desired number or text
3. Click on Go


Customer article number If you have stored your article numbers in the E-Shop, you can use them as a search term
Bossard article number Precise definition for every item in the Bossard product line-up
Full text search Enter the text. The E-Shop will search for and display all the terms containing the combination of letters you have entered.
BRAND Enter the text of a Brand like *tappex*. The E-Shop will display all Products with Tappex®

Search by norm AFNOR  Association française de normalisation
  ANSI American National Standards Institute
  BN Bossard article number
  DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung
  EN European Norm
  ISO International Organization for Standardization
  SN Schweizer Norm
  UNI  Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione
  VSM Verein Schweizerischer Maschinen-Industrieller
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