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Nystay® is a plastic precoating (based on polyolefin) which is applied directly to the shank of fasteners in order to secure them during transportation or assembly in their relevant application/assembly group. Nystay® can be used for all fasteners – whether threaded or not. Nystay® facilitates preassembly, especially in case of automatic feeders and robot applications. The range of applications is, of course, not restricted to screws, but encompasses all fasteners such as shafts, rivets, studs, pressed and turned parts etc. 

  • Color: green
  • Material: base material polyolefin
  • Holds fasteners in place during transport and assembly
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly – plastic coating on polyolefin basis
  • No chemical hardening
  • May be positioned at any optional location on the shank or thread of a fastener

                                                                         Other dimensions on request

                                                                         1) Reference values

                                                                         dL = Through hole in the counterpart
                                                                                    Bigger through hole = deeper insertion force
                                                                                    Smaller through hole = higher insertion force

 Short assembly time by the end user. Interesting solution for safety requirements according to the EC machine regulation 2006/42/EG. Insertion force through bore to be tested. Ring position free selected. The coating can be applied to almost all metal materials. Depending on load the reusability is possible for several times.
Threaded parts from M3 up to M10. Screws, bolts etc.

Operating temperature –40 °C to 90 °C

d1 = Diameter of screw or bolts
d2 = Diameter of coating: ~1,1 x D
l2  = Position of coating: depending on application
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