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Nyplas® is a plastic coating (modified plastisol) for application on screws or other thread pieces directly on the head, the flange or on the run-out of the thread. No washers, sealings or o-rings are required. With Nyplas®, much higher film thickness, compared to Nyseal® coatings, can be achieved. In principle, we recommend a practical test before serial application to determine the required film thickness. Nyplas® offers excellent sealing against liquids and gases. At the same time, this coating serves as protection for sensitive surfaces of the work pieces that must be screwed together.

  • Colour: black
  • Material: modified plastisol
  • Film thickness approx. 0.5 mm
  • Operating temperature -40 ℃ to +150 ℃
  • Thread pieces M3 to M10
Product features
  • Coating can be reused on nearly all metal base materials.
  • Depending on exposure to loads, coating can be reused several times.
  • Sealing/noise insulation immediately after screwing the parts together
  • O-rings, washers, etc. are no longer required.
  • Very good sealing properties
  • Long service life, no shrinking or desiccation
  • No oil resistance
  • Only to be applied on horizontal surfaces (countersunk screws, for example, cannot be coated with Nyplas®).

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