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Bossard ecosyn®-lubric Black/Silver

Tribological dry coating is a solution system for mechanically-loaded fasteners and components (screws, nuts, washers). The coating is a non-electrolytically applied thin-layer film with integrated lubrication properties and an additional corrosion protection. Bossard ecosyn®-lubric, available in black and silver, guarantees constant friction coefficients and contributes to an additional simplification of the assembly processes.

  • Color: black or silver
  • Great reliability of assembly in the production and maintenance
  • Reusable
  • The lubrication is a captive part
  • To apply for almost all metallic materials and coatings

 Your security by the interpretation of screw connections
Standards such as ISO16047 / DIN946 and other test procedures in order to determine the prevailing friction coefficients can be carried out in the accredited test and measuring laboratory in accordance with Bossard ISO/IEC17025.

Conformity of relevant EU directives. High level of protection against contact corrosion above all in contact with aluminium and corrosion-resistant materials. Chemical resistance against fuels, hydraulic fluids and cleaning solutions. Excellent friction values with low scatter as a basis for every screwed connection. Clean and environmentally friendly coating with easy handling. Cost-efficient assembly, disassembly with reduction of process costs. No protective measures against skin contact. No additional disposal requirements. Possibility of additional limited colored varnishing. Sufficient bond strength for micro-encapsulations with suitable pre-treatment.

No risk of hydrogen embrittlement.
Small screw threads < M4 could easily stick together due to the tolerance position of the threads.

Due to the coating thickness, hand assembly may not be possible on smaller sizes.

Threaded parts with metric thread M4 to M36. Screws, nuts, washers.

Temperature range up to max. 250 °C
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