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TufLok® Patch
Nytemp® Patch

TufLok® and Nytemp® is a reliable and cost-efficient system for thread locking fastened joints. A highly elastic, wear-resistant, nylon patch is applied at a specific portion of the thread. The play between external and internal thread is eliminated, making the joint vibration resistant.
  • High locking effectivness
  • Suitable for adjusting screws
  • Can be re-used several times
  • No curing time, can be used immediately
  • For almost all metals
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Resistant to alcohol, oil, gasoline and almost all thinner
  • Checking according to DIN 267, part 28
  • Checking according to DIN EN ISO 2320
  • Client inspection parts with torque specifications
  • Patch coverage as defined in works standard 900.1

Chamfer 90° - 120°, Ø =1.05 Ød1

        d1  Thread diameter 
        α    Patch coverage angle
        B1  Patch length
        B2  Start of unpatched thread

 Internal thread must have a chamfer or else the patch could peal off when the screw is installed. Nytemp® can only be used on plain or phosphate parts and on stainless steel due to the higher coating temperature.

 Securing screws with TufLok®/Nytemp® Patch. Threaded seal with TufLok®/Nytemp® all-round. Free threads on thread end enable easy installation. 2-3 threads underneath the head should not be patched.

Threaded parts from M1 to M68. Lengths up to 220 mm. Nuts from M5 to M12.

TufLok® Patch
Color blue
Temperature range –56 °C to 120 °C

Nytemp® Patch
Color orange
Temperature range –56 °C to 200 °C

Typical patch dimensions:
Coating in the core area ~90°
Edge zone (spray transition) up to ~180°
Length l1: ~4 to 6 threads
Length l2: ~2 to 3 thread

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